Our Teachers & Team

Our Teachers

For a sampling of our message in the format of a sermon entitled, “Power for the Call” by Pastor Wendy Berthelsen, click here. For this sermon, she was invited as a guest preacher by All Saints Lutheran, Arlington, TX, in January 2014 to introduce the importance of ordinary people hearing Jesus’ call.

Pastor Wendy Berthelsen is co-founder and president of Call Inc. She has been teaching and helping people seek and discover Jesus’ call for over twenty years as a teacher, pastor, workshop leader, consultant, and author of many Biblical resources including Custom Designed:  A Life Worthy of the Call (Tate Publishing) and Custom Designed Reflection Guide.  She also serves as a Lutheran pastor of ministry in daily life.  Formerly, she was a biomedical engineer, earning three US Patents.  She is proud to be a mom to four wonderful children and happily married to Joel for over 30 years.

 Steve Harr is co-founder, leader and teacher of Call Inc.  He is also a father, husband, lawyer, speaker, and coach who has a wide range of experience with people in all walks of life. He is founder of Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr P.C.  Over ten years ago, he began his study to more fully understand God’s call in every aspect of his life.  He combines the depth of his everyday experience with his study of God’s call to help show that God is calling everyone in every phase of their life.

 Matt Cleaver owns and operates Cleaver Solutions, where he offers freelance internet marketing services for local small businesses.  Prior to starting Cleaver Solutions, Matt was in full-time church ministry for six years specializing in youth ministry.  Though he is not in full-time ministry any longer, he still loves to help people of all ages and from all walks of life consider how they can align themselves with God’s desire for their lives. He is married to Alicia, a family medicine physician at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.

Our Team

Call Inc. is blessed with an amazing group of dedicated intercessors who regularly pray for the mission and ministry.

Call Inc. is blessed with a group of volunteers who donate many hours to overseeing its finances, volunteering at their events, designing and updating its website, shipping books, administrating, and helping in a variety of other ways.

Call Inc. is blessed by the generosity of a dedicated group of donors.

Call Inc. is blessed with an advisory board of faithful, successful, insightful and helpful people from an amazing breadth of life experiences.