On our website, we are honored and grateful to share with you images that result from the extraordinary gifts and talents of many photographers from around the world.

Because of the nature of the site design constraints (out of our control), all of the images needed to be cropped and adjusted.  The images are displayed unaltered below as they are shown by the artists themselves.

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01 Silhouettes Silhouetting photo gal


Christopher Setty – Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA


11 Leman blues

Leman blues

Barbara Ender-Jones – Vevey, Switzerland


21 Boy in Sil

Boy in Silhouette

Tanakawho – Tokyo, Japan


31 Reading Medium


Jiunn Kang – Ipoh, Malaysia, Singapore


41 Invisibility


Svedak – Brno, Czech Republic


51 Day 84 - Shoulder photo gal

Day 84 – Shoulder

Natalie – Nottingham, United Kingdom


61 Food for Thought photo gal

Food for Thought

Ashley Jonathan Clements – Melbourne, Australia


71 Stranger photo gallery

Stranger In a Strange Land Part. Four

Christophe Dessaigne – Perpignon, France


81 Pink Umbrella

pink umbrella

Barbara Enders-Jones – Vevey, Switzerland


A Skywatching Pirates photo gallery

Skywatching Pirates

Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson – Hafnarfjörður, Iceland


B2 Twilight's Tree

Twilight’s Tree

Bridget Morgan – Oriental, North Carolina, USA




Jaana-Marja Rotninen – Reykjavík, Iceland


Gnarly photo gal


Kirsty McAlister – Edinburgh, Scotland


Enlightened photo gal


Barbara Ender-Jones – Vevey, Switzerland


let's not image photo gal

let’s not wait for 2010, let’s just get into it. heads up.

Jefferson Ramos – Sao Paulo, Brazil


Bourbon photo gal

A night on Bourbon Street

Quinn Dombrowski – Chicago, Illinois, USA


Fastnet 2 photo gal

Fastnet 2

Rohan Reilly – Barcelona, Spain


feet photo gal


Milo Baumgartner – Zurich, Switzerland


golden feet photo gal


Ville Lahtinen – Tampere, Finland


light illumined

and light illumined the darkness

Katarina Stefanovic, Belgrade, Serbia


tunnel photo gallery


Peter Gutierrez – Brussels, Belguim



Total Eclipse [explored]

Matt Toynbee – Hythe, United Kingdom