What We Do

Our Mission:

Call Inc. is a Christian non-profit teaching and discipleship mission dedicated to mobilizing ordinary people called by Jesus’ to “incorporate” His call into all of life … family, work, community, world and the gathering of believers. We believe the living God calls and empowers ordinary people to transform the world!

  • We teach and train ordinary people to seek, discover, and “incorporate” Jesus’ call into all of life.
  • We train leaders to mobilize people.
  • We encourage leaders to discern their call within their call to increase their effectiveness.
  • We renew “Christian churches” by mobilizing ordinary people “anointed” by the Holy Spirit and “called out” to transform the world.

Call Inc. accomplishes its mission through these means:

  • We TEACH AND HELP individuals and churches through seminars, workshops, resources, consultation and conversation.
  • We PARTNER with like-minded organizations.
  • We TRAIN leaders how to mobilize people to walk in conformity with our Lord’s call.

We accomplish these purposes through:

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Teaching Events

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Call Inc. teaches about God’s call and important related topics through its resources as well.  Resources may be used for individual study and reflection, teaching, training, or small group discussion.   Review our resources.


Call Inc. offers services to assist interested individuals and groups in discerning and living out God’s call. Click on the links below.


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Call Inc. will also train leaders to mobilize people to walk in conformity with our Lord’s call in all of life by knowing, following and uniquely serving Jesus.