Call Inc. provides the following services for interested individuals and organizations.

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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a historical practice of the Christian church.  Spiritual directors are listening friends who help others discern God’s word, guidance, and action in their lives.  Spiritual direction is offered by Pastor Joel Berthelsen or Pastor Wendy Berthelsen.  Pastor Joel Berthelsen has received formal spiritual direction training from Christos Center for Spiritual Formation in Lino Lakes, MN.  Pastor Wendy Berthelsen has received informal training in spiritual direction.  An in-person appointment must be arranged for spiritual direction.  Usually spiritual direction occurs on an ongoing basis.

Call Conversations

Call Conversations assist a person in reflecting, processing, and discerning God’s call.  Call conversations may be in-person or by phone.  An appointment may be arranged with Pastor Wendy Berthelsen.

There are many and various types of call conversations.  Here is a partial list of  some types of call conversations for your consideration:

  • Discovering the Next Chapter of Your Life
  • Identifying and Processing Your Custom Design
  • Spiritual Gifts Identification
  • Integrating Spiritual Gifts into Your Life
  • Identifying and Overcoming Barriers
  • Sorting Through Options and Sampling Ideas
  • Individual Processing of Reflections related to one of Call Inc.’s Resources
  • Some variation on the above… we can offer additional suggestions.

Call conversations are NOT for the purpose of dictating, directing, or deciding a person’s call from God.  Rather, they are for the overall purpose of helping a person identify and process important insights related to personal discernment of God’s call in one’s family, work (school), community and church gathering.  Call Inc. has various tools available to assist and facilitate a call conversation.

You as the participant will determine the direction of a call conversation.  As desired or requested by you, a Call Inc. listener might ask pertinent reflection questions, identify common threads, connect dots, or share observations, perspective, or possibilities.  A written response can be requested.  Sometimes processing in a conversation eventually leads to deeper insights related to God’s call for you.

Call Coaching & Consultation

Call Inc. provides coaching and consultation to churches, organizations, and businesses.  Consultation may follow a Call LINK training event.  Consultation also may be offered to assist in custom designing an organization or church around the calls of people.  This service is provided by Pastor Wendy Berthelsen and Steve Harr.