Rethink Church

An essential objective of every church gathering should be to teach, train, and mobilize people “called out” by Jesus to transform the world. Here’s why!

“Church” literally means “called out ones” in the Biblical Greek. This simple phrase, “called out ones” gives both the definition and purpose of church. “Ones” … ordinary people “called” by Christ Jesus our Lord to go “out,” transforming the world with Jesus’ Gospel … this is church! Scripturally and fundamentally, church is not a place, organization, building or institution. Church is not an end in itself; rather, you and I and all other followers of Jesus are the church—being transformed and trained by Jesus as His disciples in order to be His instruments to transform the world in His name and on His behalf. Therefore, helping people to discern the Lord’s call and live worthy of His call is crucial and therefore should be a primary objective of every church gathering. This objective is possible whether a gathering of believers is very large or very small. Bringing Jesus’ loving and saving kingdom—His rule reign redemption and resurrection power to bear on people, problems and places, this is the purpose and goal!

Followers of Jesus, we are the church, the “called out ones,” 24/7!

What is the Lord calling you to do? What is your unique part? How are you empowered by the Holy Spirit for His call? Where is your mission field and how are you bringing Jesus’ rule and reign to this mission field? How is your church gathering intentionally mobilizing all people towards these kingdom priorities?

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Church is not…

We don’t “go to church.” We are not “at church.” Church is not like a business or club. It is not reducible to programs, methodologies, strategic plans or organizational structures. It is not about a place or a building. The effectiveness of it is not measured by the size of the gathering, attendance, size of buildings, budgets or offerings. All of these facets may facilitate, but they are not the goal, and they are not real church.