Teacher Fees & Event Costs

Hosting an Event or Retreat

Event fees are determined by both the number of sessions and length of the event. Fees are for the teachers and assistance with promotion. Fees do not cover the cost of books used at the event or any food that the host organization chooses to serve. All travel expenses are the responsibility of the host organization as outlined below. A sampling of event fees is offered below to guide interested groups in planning and budgeting for an event. Please call us with any questions related to event costs. When considering the length of the event, please consider travel time as well.

Call Inc. is not a business. All event fees support the mission and ministry of Call Inc.

To aid in your planning, click here for an event cost planning guide.

Introductory Workshop (1-2 hour session):


At the discretion of Call Inc., the fee for an introductory event may be reduced if the introductory workshop precedes and promotes a longer Call Inc. event (5-6 sessions) hosted by the same organization.

One or two day Event (Three sessions):

$350 (one day) – $400 (two day)… plus cost of books for participants if applicable

Friday Eve – Saturday Event (Six sessions):

$600* (plus cost of books for participants if applicable)

Ordinary People “Call” Seminar (Normally about 6-7 sessions):

$600* (plus cost of books for participants if applicable)

Weekend Event or Three day event (Four to Six sessions):

$600* (plus cost of books for each participant if applicable)

Extended Event (Six sessions over several days):

$800-$1500* (plus cost of books for each participant if applicable)

“What Next?” Session

Add $150 to the seminar fee if you would like to include a one-two hour(s) follow-up session to consider next steps for your church or organization. A “What Next?” session is a guided discussion with the result of identifying not only next steps but also who might like to implement these steps.

Making an Event Affordable

It is suggested that the costs of an event be covered by a combination of budgeted funds, individual registration fees, benefactors, offerings, and fund raising, allowing individual registration fees to not be prohibitive in nature. For example, ten people might donate $50 each toward an event, reducing the overall cost per participant.

To aid in your planning, click here for an event cost planning guide.

Call Inc. would like the “call” message to be affordable and available to all. Please call us for help and assistance.

Mileage, Travel & Deposits:

Mileage:  The sponsoring organization agrees to pay mileage at the current IRS reimbursement rate.

Deposits:  $200 Deposit for out-of-town events and $100 Deposit for local events

The Deposit is refundable if booked dates are filled by Call, inc. with another event or if the event is cancelled at least two months prior to the booked date.

Travel: Arrangements for travel, lodging, food, and event room must be made in advance. If arranged by Call Inc., the total cost will be reported to the sponsoring organization as soon as practical, but at a minimum of 60 days before the event. In the event these costs are arranged by the sponsoring organization, the details must be reported to and accepted by Call Inc. no later than 30 days before the event.

Any additional issues regarding costs associated with the event should be discussed and agreed upon at the time the event is booked.