All churches and their leaders should ask themselves these questions:

  • How can train people to live worthy of Christ’s call?
  • How can I mobilize ordinary people to transform the world?
  • What is needed to renew and revive the Christian church?
  • How can a gathering of believers mobilize ordinary people?
  • How can I teach and train disciples?
  • Why is it important for ordinary people to know God’s call?
  • How can I help people identify their spiritual gifts?
  • How can I maximize people’s strengths, gifts and talents?
  • How can I custom design around the unique “calls” of people?
  • How can I build an effective team and organization?

Throughout time, the living Lord has accomplished His plans by calling ordinary people. Church literally means “called out ones” in the Biblical Greek. “Ones” … ordinary people “called” by Jesus “out” to transform the world … this is real church! Scripturally and fundamentally, church is not an organization, institution, place or building. It is ordinary people “called out” by Jesus; therefore, “call” is crucial to being church. Mobilize an army of ordinary people (no matter what their profession or age) to transform the world, bringing Jesus’ rule, reign and resurrection power to bear on all people, places, and problems of the world. Increase your effectiveness in mobilizing people by discerning your own call within your call.

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Include call discernment in a multifaceted discipleship approach.

Call Mobilization Training: Find out practical strategies for mobilizing  and custom designing round the unique calls of people.

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