Training Disciples

Jesus is still alive and present with us… 24/7. He is still calling ordinary people to “be” and “make” disciples, teaching and training them for the kingdom life.

For a fuller explanation and discussion, click here to view an article entitled, “Anxious Times: ‘Church Growth’ and Making Disciples” written by Pastor Wendy Berthelsen that appeared in the evangelical magazine, Connections (Fall 2014 issue).

Disciples are apprentices of Jesus. Like the early disciples, today’s disciples are called, and then taught and trained by being in a relationship with Jesus, knowing, following and serving Him.

“Living worthy of Jesus’ call” is an essential dimension of a multifaceted approach for developing fruitful disciples of Jesus:

  • Conversion: Compelled by Love of Jesus & Reclaiming this First Love
  • Reawakening, Continual Repentance and Transformation
  • Scripture… as living active word of God… for all believers of all ages
  • Spiritual Formation through practicing classical spiritual disciples, especially prayer and worship… as a means of grace
  • Training: Disciples Making Disciples
  • Empowering of Holy Spirit
  • Call Discernment… for the purpose of “living worthy of Christ’s call”
  • Authentic Relationships and Community… for development of all of the above

Call Inc. can help you develop a multifaceted discipleship approach for your context.