Call Mobilization Training

Call Inc. trains leaders to mobilize ordinary people called by Jesus to transform the world.  Your church gathering may be small or large in number  They might meet in a house or a large cathedral. It doesn’t matter.

The outcome for every gathering of believers will be unique because each one of God’s people is unique.

Call Mobilization Training

Call Inc is aware of the sensitivity needed in some settings (businesses and other organizations), and will adapt the training as needed.

Prerequisite: Attend a  “Ordinary People” Call Seminar.

Call Mobilization Training is designed for your unique context. Here is a outline of the content:

Foundational Principles

  • Scriptural Foundations
  • Being and Doing Church: Anointed and Called-out Ones

Discipleship: Call to Know, Follow and Serve Jesus

  • Discipleship Paradigm and Multifaceted Strategy… for your unique context

Practical Skills: Mobilizing People According to God’s Call

  • Conducting Call Discernment Conversations
  • Interpretation and Application of a simple “call” profile
  • Listening Prayer
  • Vision Raising with a group
  • Asset Mapping with a group

Context and Culture Considerations

  • Discipleship and Kingdom Culture
  • Measuring “Kingdom” Effectiveness vs. Numbers (attendance, building, cash)
  • The DNA of a Call Designed Organization
  • Call Mobilization Strategy Development… for your unique context

Call Designing a Congregation or Organization

  • Call design a congregation or organization… around the unique calls of the individuals.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your gathering of believers, organization or business.
  • Custom design tasks, projects, and events around the unique calls of each individual.
  • Custom design organizational structure, direction and vision around the unique calls of its people.
  • Increase teamwork, motivation and effectiveness.
  • Call Designing Process