Retreat & Seminar Topics


For Retreats, Seminars and Classes:

In addition to its “Ordinary People” Call Seminar, Call Inc. also offer retreats, seminars, and classes on these topics that enhance and supplement the call message.  Scripture is the foundation of all of our teaching events.

  • The Wise Economy of Your Life Balancing Time & Money:  Minute by minute and day by day, your life is unfolding while “spending” choices compete for your time, money, and resources. Each of these spending choices will have great implications for your life, affecting your ability to life in the fullness of what God desires for you.  Our Lord will give you specific wisdom on how to “spend” your life.  Practicing the principles of God’s economy as found in the holy Scriptures will lead to wise “spending,” creating more freedom and versatility in your life. Click here to view an extended discussion on the Luther Seminary Stewardship Email Network that featured the corresponding resource, “The Wise Economy of Your Life.” View this resource on our products page.
  • Spiritual Gifts:  An overview of the Scriptural spiritual gifts found in 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, and Ephesians 4 is taught as well as the practical identification and application of these gifts in the church gathering and all of life… work, family, community and world.  A spiritual gifts identification inventory will be introduced as a resource.  Click here for a brief scriptural overview of these gifts that was written by Call Inc. co-founder, Pastor Joel Berthelsen, and was published in the Connections magazine.
  • Listening for God’s Gentle Whisper:  Session Topics include…  Ceasing and Centering Prayer; Silence, Lectio Divina and Listening; Pouring Out our Hearts to God; Praying without Ceasing;   Ancient and time-tested listening practices will be taught.  Practical exercises are offered to facilitate listening for the purpose of hearing our Lords’ personal and practical guidance.
  • Spiritual Disciplines:  Teaching is given with opportunity to practice the ancient and time-tested scriptural disciplines as a means of grace, putting on Christ, and living the “with-God” life.  Teaching will focus on one or more of the following classical faith disciplines:  Celebration, Chastity, Confession, Fasting, Fellowship, Guidance, Meditation, Prayer, Sacrifice, Secrecy, Service, Silence, Simplicity, Solitude, Study, Submission, and Worship.
  • Silence, Solitude & Sabbath: These “CEASING” practices are taught as a means of grace for living the “with-God” life, and counteracting our cultural tendencies to be driven by busyness, productivity, and effectiveness while lacking in abundance of life with God and one another. As an option, intentional silence can be observed for all or part of the retreat.
  • Life of Discipleship:  Know, Follow, Serve Jesus:  The three words, “know,” “follow,” and “serve,” are used as a framework for building a unique relationship with Jesus and becoming His life-long apprentice.  Attention is given to simple practices that facilitate growing a life with Jesus as Teacher and Lord.
  • The “Greatest” High… Serving God:  Anointed, Attitude & Action (3 sessions)  Our Lord calls people to carry out His plans.  Our Lord also equips and empowers His servants for their work by “anointing” them with His Holy Spirit.  How are you uniquely “anointed?”  How is our Lord calling you to take “action?”  What is the “attitude” of a servant of our Lord?
  • Incredible Journey: Your Story and HIS Story … Create your faith story, and then naturally sharing your faith experience with others as our Lord creates the opportunities.
  • Spurred On! Confidence, Encouragement & Strength (3 sessions):  How does our Lord build our confidence, encourage us, and provide strength to overcome fear, persevere through hard times, and find wholeness from the hurts of the past?… so that we can be “spurred on” to love and good works” (Hebrews 10:24-25)!
  • “Half Time”:  How can the “second half” of your life be better than the “first half?”  “Half time” is a wonderful time to reflect and pray about what our Lord has for you in the second half of your life.  This sports metaphor and content is based upon the book entitled “Half Time” by Bob Buford, a successful business entrepreneur and Christian leader.
  • Core Communication…  is the premier applied interpersonal communication skills course. In Core , you learn six talking skills and five listening skills for resolving conflicts, making decisions, solving problems, and negotiating more effectively. These practical communication skills strengthen your relationships and increase your personal and professional opportunities.  Core Communication (click here) was developed by  Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc. (click here).
  • Getting on the LIFEship: Worship, Discipleship & Stewardship (3 sessions):  Teaching and practical application is offered on how to build a lifestyle of worship of our Lord, while reflecting and living our identity as a “disciple” (apprentice of Jesus) and “steward” (wise manager) of God’s gifts of time, money, resources and all of God’s other abundant gifts.