Children & Families

In the Scriptures, our Lord called the young, people like Jeremiah, Josiah, David, Mary and others. With these and other Biblical stories, we help children to hear our Lord calling them now. God is still calling the very young. Therefore, it is never too soon to start teaching our children how to seek and discover our Lord’s call for ALL of life.

Also we desire to help parents know how to help their children throughout their lives to seek and discover the living God’s “call” to know, follow and uniquely serve Jesus. As well, we hope that you will discover your call as a family.

Call Inc. has developed materials for children and families that can be used for a family “call” event, a children’s call event, Vacation Bible School or family camp.

We have similar hopes for children as we do for youth and adults who attend our Ordinary People Call Seminars. They will learn time-tested scriptural wisdom & practices to:

  • Live a deeper life with God
  • Hear from God
  • Be a part of God’s masterful plans
  • Transform people, places & problems
  • Understand how you are custom designed with God’s power & gifts to live your call!
  • Live in conformity with Christ’s call in your family, work, community & church!

We can train a team in your church to work with your children and youth.

In a family camp setting or family Vacation Bible School, families with young children to grandparents can gather to hear from God’s word, and for worship, fellowship, and fun. Together, all can listen for our Lord’s call both as individuals and families. “Call” skits and music will assist in our listening.

How about a “call” event for children, youth or families in your own setting?