Ordinary People

Do you ever ask yourself these questions?

  • What am I supposed to do?
  • Where am I going?
  • Who am I?
  • How can I transform the world?
  • How can a leave a legacy that will last unto eternity?
  • How can I have a God-sized vision for my life?
  • How can I be a part of God’s intentions?
  • How and where do I find guidance for these questions?

Seek, discover, and “incorporate” the living God’s call … Father, Son and Holy Spirit … into your entire life. Knowing God’s call will set you on a journey that will assist you in answering these questions. All throughout history, the living God has called ordinary people who felt weak, inadequate or even insecure to have a transformative impact and kindgom influence on the world. You can too, bringing Jesus’ rule, reign, redemption and resurrection power to bear on people, places and problems.

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So, who is God calling?

First Answer:


God’s call will shape and integrate your entire life… family, work, church, neighborhood, community, and world. God’s call is dynamic, shifting and changing throughout your life.

  • God does NOT just call pastors, priests, missionaries, or church workers.
  • God’s call is NOT merely about your job or vocation (“vocation” is from the Latin word for “call”).
  • God’s call is NOT merely about filling slots in a church or organization… institution building.

Second Answer:

EVERYONE at any stage of life! As God is calling everyone and we all have a call, can there be anything in your life more important than for you to hear, answer, and know the fullness of this call as revealed in the Scriptures? This alone is reason enough to seek and know God’s call.

Third Answer:

Those in TRANSITION! Find out more about life’s transitions by clicking here.

Throughout our lives, it is normal and natural to go through many transitions. During these times especially, we naturally will seek our call whether or not we use “call” language or believe in God. We might ask one of these two practical yet significant questions: “Who am I?” and “What am I to do?”

Knowing Your Call… Why?

You will…

  • Know the living God who desires to be active in your life
  • Live into the identity the living God gave you when you were baptized (and put to death).
  • Live a life of worth dedicated to God’s purposes
  • Uniquely participate in God’s masterful plans, transforming and making our world a better place
  • Understand how the Holy Spirit has equipped and empowered you to accomplish God’s plans
  • Discover how you were custom designed, and fearfully and wonderfully made by a benevolent and loving Heavenly Father and Creator
  • Recognize God’s action in your life
  • Receive personal and practical guidance from a God who is near and able to speak to you
  • Experience God’s presence more powerfully in all of life
  • Know how trust in a living God can fit into your unique life
  • Discover and realize your unique God-created potential
  • Know, follow, and serve Jesus, the Son of God who is alive and has demonstrated how to live life

Additionally, you will…

  • Integrate together… family, work, church, neighborhood, community and world
  • Be set free from bondage and regrets
  • Know how to navigate life’s many transitions
  • Live with greater purpose, meaning, and focus
  • Receive healing
  • Spend your time and money more wisely
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Gain confidence and positively confront obstacles and navigate hardship