“Ordinary People” Call Seminar

Ordinary People Called to Transform the World

Throughout history, the living God has partnered with ordinary people like you to transform the world. Jesus is calling you! He has significant things for you to do.

At an “Ordinary People” Seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Live a life worthy of Jesus and His call… in your family, work, community, world & church!
  • Listen for the living God and recognize His personal guidance
  • Seek answers for life-defining questions: “Who am I?” and “What am I to do?”
  • Uncover how the Father has already custom designed you for His call
  • Identify your spiritual gifts… how God has empowered you for His call
  • Identify and eliminate distractions, excuses and barriers
  • Receive the Lord’s healing and increase your confidence
  • Know your significant part… transform people, problems & places

In the Holy Scriptures we read, “I am earnestly calling you to walk in conformity with the calling to which you were called.” (Ephesians 4:1). He is saying, you have a call, now get to it… walk, act and live in a way that matches with the incredible worth and weightiness of this calling that YOU have been given. Do you know the living God’s call? Knowing the Lord’s call is crucial to being who God intended you to be. What is the Lord calling you to do? What is your unique part? Where is your mission field? How are you bringing Jesus’ rule and reign to this mission field?

At a seminar, you will have the luxury of INTENTIONAL TIME to seek and listen for God’s call. The “Ordinary People” seminar has six main session. Each session has teaching, prayerful reflection and comfortable conversation. The seminar can be adapted for various ages and settings.

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The Custom Designed Reflection Guide Ordinary People Hearing God’s Call is used in most of our seminars. It may be previewed in our store.

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This seminar has been taught with a variety of titles, formats and settings, many of them listed below. Here is a sampling of titles:

  • Ordinary People: Called to Transform the World
  • Custom CALLED
  • Differently Gifted
  • Discover Your Call
  • 24/7:  Custom Called by God
  • CALLED:  God has your number
  • Listen… God is calling
  • God’s New Yes for You
  • Custom Designed
  • The Critical Path
  • The “Called-out-ones”
  • Custom Designed Church

Here is a sampling of formats and settings:

  • Family retreat or camp (over a week or extended weekend for all ages)
  • Family Vacation Bible School
  • Children’s Vacation Bible School
  • Children’s Day Camp
  • College student or young adult retreat, seminar or orientation
  • Friday-Saturday Seminar
  • Weekend retreat
  • Elderhostel or senior adult event
  • Bible camp staff reunion
  • Sunday School or evening multi-week class
  • Middle school and high school aged students retreat or camp
  • Women’s or men’s retreat
  • Spiritual growth event for a church
  • Event for a group of people in transition, e.g., loss of job, empty nest, grief
  • Sports event or camp

Registration fees are set by the host of an event.

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