Free Resources – Download

You are on your way to discovering how Jesus has uniquely called and gifted you–what an exciting journey! After downloading, you may want to investigate further. Call Inc. offers some great seminars and resources to assist you:

  • Custom Designed A Life Worthy of the Call by Pastor Wendy Berthelsen. This books offers real-life examples and teaching to assist one in understanding the living God’s call and how to discover and discern His call. This book is available in our Call Inc. ( store.
  • Custom Designed Reflection Guide Ordinary People Hearing God’s Call by Pastor Wendy Berthelsen and Steve Harr. This companion volume is interactive and a prayerful tool for listening, hearing and discerning your own unique call from Christ Jesus our Lord. This book is also available in our Call Inc. ( store.
  • Attend an Ordinary People Call Seminar in person. Talk to your church about hosting one for your congregation and community.

Spiritual Gifts Inventory – Click here to download now!

Identify your spiritual gifts! Discover how the Holy Spirit is active in your life and has already empowered you for Jesus’ call to transform the world in everyday life!

“Who are You?” Service Profile – Click here to download now!

Identify your own and other people’s talents, strengths and skills with this quick and easy-to-use profile!

Note: These downloads are licensed for personal use only. You may not make copies to share with others. If you would like to share this with someone else, you can send them to so they can download a personal copy for free. Also available, an individual, church or organization may purchase a license for making unlimited photocopies in our Call Inc. store at