From Call inc. Events

“God has really opened my heart to a calling to help people who have a great need.” Terry (Male, Age 40-60) … Ordinary People Call Seminar

“Opened my eyes as to what my spiritual gifts are and how I can apply them to what I do everyday… I’m not sure where I’m going or what specific things I am to do but I am aware of where I need to start.” Kristin, College Student… Ordinary People Call Seminar

“Silence and listening was awesome.  It made me realize how much I have missed it… Reopened my mind about my call which reinforced my desire and mission in life.” Chris (Man, Age 60+)… Ordinary People Call Seminar

“I feel that some of the barriers (fears) that I was holding onto have been removed.  I have learned some tools and skills to move forward.” Sue… Ordinary People Call Seminar

“I am a person blessed by God with resources beyond my imagination.  As a life long Christian, I have been troubled with certain biblical perspectives summed up in the story that it is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven.  Wise Economy had a profound impact on my understanding of what God has given me, how I am to treat it and use it, and its place in my life and the kingdom of God.” Steve…”The Wise Economy of Your Life”

“Most meaningful… practical steps to integrate call into my life… Loved identifying my heartfelt desires…” College Student… Ordinary People Call Seminar

As a couple who is blessed with abundance, we receive great joy when we give to further God’s good work here on Earth. Call, Inc.’s workshops, reflection guide and book have helped us see this gift and how it works in our lives. The Spiritual Gifts Inventory in the Custom Designed Reflection Guide is the best we have seen. One of the many ways it helped us know ourselves is by confirming our spiritual gift of giving.” Church Lay Ministers (Professional Couple)… Ordinary People Call Seminar

“Personal” Harriette (Woman, Age 75+)… Ordinary People Call Seminar

“I thought the retreat was absolutely wonderful! I loved the exercises you showed us, and I have been applying them to my quiet times… especially the focus on scripture.  I was never able to memorize scripture before.  Now I have memorized three scriptures in three days!!” Brandy… “Listening for God’s Gentle Whisper”

“Confirmed gifts and direction God is leading me” Brenda… Ordinary People Call Seminar

“Most meaningful… how personal it was. I loved everything. I enjoyed the partner times tremendously. Well put together” Young Adult Male… Ordinary People Call Seminar

“The quiet time… inspired me to spend time in silence, listening, every day.” Camille, College Student… Ordinary People Call Seminar

The Wise Economy of Your Life teaches that God provides all things.  God provides so that we might provide.  …Through God’s leading, I’ve been able to share my gifts with others.  As my gifts are sent out, the blessings rush in.” Debbie…”The Wise Economy of Your Life”

“I liked the variety… lecture, power point and clips.” Woman (Age 40-60)… Ordinary People Call Seminar

“Presentation was amazing! I always enjoy hearing Wendy and Steven talk.  The slide show was well put together and I never felt lost!” College Student… Ordinary People Call Seminar

“The passion you both feel for the subject matter presented was very evident!  You shared it in a way that was encouraging, non-threatening, and challenging… in the positive sense of the word!” Woman … Ordinary People Call Seminar