Partnering with Us

In addition to Christian churches, we build relationships and collaborate with organizations that share a common purpose, focus, or audience. We invite a conversation with your organization or business.

We are a proud partner of Sola Publishing. We encourage you to use their many fine teaching, discipleship, educational and ministry products. Call Inc. is one of the discipleship ministries that they are actively promoting.

Listed below are many other organizations with whom we’ve had meaningful partnership conversations.

Together, we can mobilize an army of God’s people to bring the rule and reign of Christ Jesus to all people, places and to bear on all problems of the world.  We provide scriptural and substantive teaching to assist people in leading a deeper life with Christ Jesus our Lord, knowing, following and serving Him.

Why Partner and How?

In addition to many churches, we have shared meaningful conversations with representatives of these organizations: Campus Crusade for Christ International, Youth Encounter, Thrivent Financial, Trinity Forum, Luther Seminary, Canterbury Retreat and Conference Center, Lionshare, St. Paul Lutheran Seminary, Mount Carmel Ministries, Lake Wapogasset Bible Camp, Riverside Bible Camp, Ingham Okoboji Bible Camp, Camp Patmos, Lutheran CORE, Word Alone Ministries, Association of Lutheran Older Adults, Transformation Vision of Cedar Hill, and Northern Texas Northern Louisiana Parish Lay Ministry Academy.

We are sensitive to the needs of organizations and businesses who may not be specifically and intentionally Christian.