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Custom Designed

A Life Worthy of the Call


Wendy A.W. Berthelsen

Tate Publishing


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Dr. Walter Sundberg

Professor of Church History, Luther Seminary

“Not since Clarence Stoughton’s Whatever you Do from over a generation ago, have I seen a more helpful, down-to-earth guide on Christian vocation. Custom Designed is concrete, helpful, and biblically based. There is no more important question than the one the book asks: ‘How do we live worthy of Christ in our daily lives?’”


David A. Dahlin

Executive Vice President, Compassion International

“Everyone wants to feel unique. Everyone wants to feel special. The good news, no, the great news, is that you are! In Custom Designed, Pastor Wendy Berthelsen helps us explore our giftings and the giftings of those in our homes, our churches, and our workplaces. She makes abundantly clear the biblical truth that we are wonderfully made for a divine purpose! There has been a lot of confusion over spiritual gifts and natural talents. Custom Designed helps to bring clarity and integration to gifts, talents, skills, and calling. As the leader of a very large organization, I have learned that we all have unique strengths and weaknesses, gifts and talents, and that we can be of most use to the Kingdom of God and happiest in our life when we bring these all into alignment. You have a custom designed life—find it and live it!”

Dr. Morris Vaagenes

Senior Pastor Emeritus, North Heights Lutheran Church

“Few church members seem to grasp that God has a calling on their life, that the Spirit has gifted them to fulfill their ministry, or that this is not only for just those in paid ministry. Wendy Berthelsen makes a compelling case that each believer is designed and equipped for a unique calling. Think of the transformational power of church life as these truths are discovered and lived out! Having known Wendy Berthelsen for a long time as her pastor and friend, I have been impressed with her exemplary life, faith, creativity, and ministry.”

Steven A. Harr

Founding Partner of Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C., Founder of Call Inc.

“Pastor Wendy Berthelsen has spent her life studying God’s call, listening for God’s guidance and designing ways to help others understand and live his call. This book provides a biblically based, thorough explanation of the path to a life within God’s call.”


Custom Designed along with Call Inc. were featured in:

Luther Seminary’s “The Story” magazine (Spring/Summer 2010)

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The Wise Economy of Your Life

Balancing Your Time & Money


Wendy A.W. Berthelsen


Here are some reviews for The Wise Economy of Your Life.

Luther Seminary Stewardship Email Network (January 2010)

The Wise Economy of Your Life was featured on this email network. For an excellent review of this resource, including testimonials, content and ideas for use, click here.

Donna, Stewardship Committee Chairperson, Garland, TX

The Wise Economy of Your Life” offers a prescription to avoid stewardship omissions and misconceptions. Taught at the congregational level, it offers clear reasonable direction for conscientious Christians to follow. Taking a chapter a week and teaching it step by step allows for clear direction and a thorough understanding of stewardship principals. …easy, quick and clear… Very well received by my congregation, months later, I am still getting comments about how stewardship finally became clear.